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This is an interactive film and full motion video game. It is a video game with real actors so you will experience watching a real film while playing it. It isn't a video game based on animation.

Genre: Action/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Logline: Laura, a singer who is practicing for her gig gets kidnapped and her boyfriend wants to find her based on the existing clues.

Before going into more detail about the project let's describe what exactly are interactive film and full motion video game.

Interactive Film: An interactive film, also known as movie game, is a video game that presents its gameplay in a cinematic, scripted manner, often through the use of full motion video of either animated or live action footage.

Full Motion Video (FMV) Game: A full motion video (FMV) is a video game narration technique that relies upon pre-recorded video files (rather than sprites, vectors, or 3D models) to display action in the game. While many games feature FMVs as a way to present information during cutscenes, games that are primarily presented through FMVs are referred to as full-motion video games or interactive movies.

Now that you fully understood the meaning of interactive film and FMV let's get back to our project.

Simply our project is the mix of both Interactive Film and Full Motion Video Game. So it is a video game with real actors and you are playing their character in the film. In other words, Interactive Film + Full Motion Video Game = Our Project.



We are currently on the production of the project. For continuing the production we need your help and support. The production consists of two parts. One is film production and then game production.

We would like to raise fund for:

  • Equipment
  • Food and snacks
  • Transportation
  • Film post production
  • Game production
  • Game engine development software license

We appreciate your support to make this fantastic project happen. 

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    The project will only be financed on 23. October if it raises the amount of money it has set as its goal
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